Eli Harari, the CEO of SanDisk was recently profiled by Electronic Business. Harari, who received his Ph.D. from Princeton’s joint program in materials science and mechanical and aerospace engineering, is a pioneer in non-volatile semiconductor information storage.

Barrie Royce, who supervised Harari’s doctoral work, told Electronic Business that he remembered thinking that the electrical charges that built up in the MOS insulators Harari was studying as a graduate student were a nuisance. But, said Royce, “Eli had the vision and intuition that this could really be quite a useful thing if he could use the phenomenon as an information-storage system.”

In the profile Harari reflects on what he has learned about leadership in the world of business, “including the importance of having a tightly focused strategic plan, having a cohesive board of directors and hiring the right people.” Read the profile here.

Harari, who holds more than 100 patents, was most recently issued a patent Dec. 26 for re-programmable non-volatile memory cards.