The Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering team has cleared the latest hurdle in its quest to make it to the finals in the Pentagon’s urban challenge competition for self-driving vehicles. The team just announced that it has met today’s Friday the 13th deadline and submitted a video demonstrating its progress. The demonstration video shows the driverless vehicle smoothly navigating a course on Princeton’s Forrestal campus, effortlessly starting and stopping and changing lanes all by itself.

A couple of weeks ago, Don Polec at ABC Action News 6 in Philadelphia featured the team’s work in a piece that was broadcast in different markets nationwide, from Alaska to Florida. Patrick Regan, the award-winning science journalist at NJN News, has also featured the undergraduate team’s self-driving Ford Escape hybrid.

You can see all this coverage, as well as the submission video, by visiting PAVE’s website.

The team has even garnered international coverage. LUSA, a Portuguese news syndicate, wrote about PAVE for its readers. For your amusement, here is the Babelfish translation

of the original story in Portuguese.

By the way, that’s PAVE faculty adviser Alain Kornhauser jogging alongside the vehicle in the DARPA submission video. Kornhauser, a professor of operations research and financial engineering at Princeton, is a founder of ALK Technologies, which will be hosting a transportation technology summit in Princeton on April 24.