Business maverick and philanthropist Lee Iaccoca’s new book on leadership is getting lots of attention.

Iacocca, who earned his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Princeton in 1946, is known for his straight-talking, no-nonsense style. His 1984 autobiograpy has been called one of the most influential business books of the last century.

The Times of India, among others, recently quoted Iacocca on his “nine Cs of leadership.” Among them: Character, Conviction, Courage, and Creativity. What are the rest of the Cs? Click here to find out (hint: one of them is Curiosity).

Charlie Rose also had an interesting conversation recently with Iacocca.

Speaking of leadership, the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education tomorrow kicks off its first talk this year in its Leadership for a Technological World lecture series. The speaker: Frank Moss, director of MIT’s Media Lab.

Moss, who earned his undergraduate degree from Princeton Engineering in 1971, will talk about Inventing the Future.

If you would like a sneak preview of what Moss might say, check out this two-part profile of Moss by Robert Buderi on Xconomy.com. Better yet: if you are in striking distance of Princeton, come to the talk.