Last week Margaret Martonosi gave a talk on the hot topic of mobile computing and sensor networks at the Royal Society’s “From Computers to Ubiquitous Computing by 2020 Symposium.”

Martonosi, a professor of electrical engineering at Princeton, is especially interested in power-efficient wireless networks and she is co-leader of the Sarana project, which is building software interfaces for collaborative computing among mobile devices.

Martonosi created, with ecology and evolutionary biology professor Dan Rubenstein, ZebraNet, a sensor network designed to track movements of zebra herds in Kenya.

For the technically inclined, the blogs Working 2.0 and Analog brains, digital minds describe different aspects of Martonosi’s Royal Society talk. The lay audience will appreciate this description of Zebranet in a National Science Foundation multimedia report on The Secret Lives of Animals.

Photo courtesy Vlad Trifa