Princeton Engineering professors Emily Carter, Pablo Debenedetti and Marlan Scully have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. They are in impressive company. Other 2008 fellows include film director Pedro Almodóvar, blues guitarist B.B. King, Dell computer founder Michael Dell, and former U. S. Secretary of State (and Princeton alum) James Baker III.

Carter — who works at the intersection of chemistry, materials science, applied physics and applied mathematics — also was just elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Debenedetti, a theorist who works in condensed matter physics and engineering (his recent work was recently featured by Philip Ball in his Water in Biology forum), was just named vice dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Scully, a k a the “quantum cowboy,” recently delivered the prestigious Loeb Lecture at Harvard, which you can view here. Scully is also the coauthor, with his son Robert Scully, of The Demon and the Quantum, a new book showing the close relationship between information science, thermodynamics and quantum physics.