As part of a summer program run by the International Rescue Committee, children who once lived in refugee camps came to Princeton University to learn about science and engineering by designing clay water filters and solar ovens.

“We want the students to see that science and engineering are not intimidating, but areas of endeavor where, if you’re motivated, you can do things that not only help you learn, but also make an impact,” explains Wole Soboyejo, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, in this story by Hilary Parker. “At the same time, I think we can inspire them to achieve their academic dreams and life goals without feeling constrained by their refugee status or financial resources.”

Earlier this summer, Soboyejo gave an address to the New Media Consortium on “New Frontiers in Nanotechnology” — the talk is available by vodcast. Soboyejo’s research on off-grid solar for rural development was highlighted recently in the Materials Research Society’s Bulletin.

Photo by Frank Wojciechowski