Princeton-Jumpstart Lecture Series on Technology Entrepreneurship: 4th Annual Innovation Forum The current issue of U.S. 1 has a fascinating interview with Mung Chiang on the subject of a new quantitative method for matching up Internet ads with potential consumers.

"Online advertising needs a workout," Chiang tells U.S. 1. "It needs to be innovatively re-engineered. It is not reaching the right people at the right time." The system that Chiang and colleagues H. Vincent Poor and Hazer Inaltekin have developed would better enable advertisers to target advertising based on user profiles — without, they say, compromising the privacy of those users.

Chiang’s entrepreneurial ideas spring from his pioneering work in the optimization of communications networks. In January Chiang received the Presidential Early Career Award in recognition of his pioneering work In 2007, Technology Review named Chiang to its elite list of Young Innovators, noting that Chiang’s "algorithms are revolutionizing the backbone of the Internet, the broadband connections that bring data and video to homes and offices, and wireless networks of every stripe."

If you happen to be in Princeton tomorrow you can catch Chiang and eleven other Princeton researchers pitching their ready-for-prime technologies to what likely will be a packed audience at tomorrow’s fourth annual Innovation Forum, sponsored by Princeton’s Keller Center. A panel of judges will be awarding $40,000 in prize money, which will be presented at a reception and poster session following the event. More details here.

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