Cory Doctorow writing for boingboing calls an Intellectual Property Colloquium podcast featuring Ed Felten "fascinating listening that makes a good stab at unpicking the tech and the law of DRM." DRM is shorthand for "digital rights management," a term that broadly speaking refers to the deployment of technologies intended to control access to digital content and devices.

Felten is the director of the Center for Information Technology Policy, a hotbed of innovative thought on all things digital. Among the events that CITP is hosting this week: Paul Ohm speaking on anonymity and privacy, Jorge Schement talking about Latinos and the challenges of information policy, and Danielle Citron explaining technological due process.

Starting on Thursday, CITP is also hosting a three-day summit on City Planning, Civic Engagement and the Internet which is bringing together a who’s who of city planners, policymakers, technologists, and citizen advocates. The summit will address how to use the Internet to bring about fundamental community change. CITP’s events are always packed but at the moment there is still room for a few more participants. Registration is free.

On a more playful note, Felten’s research on electronic voting got a mention recently on Harry Shearer’s Le Show. You can hear the episode here. (Felten is mentioned at about eleven and a half minutes into the program).