Rob Socolow‘s comments at the National Academies summit on America’s Climate Choices have caught the attention of New York Times columnist Andrew Revkin, among others.

"The emissions of the future rich must eventually equal the emissions of today’s poor," Socolow said at the summit, Revkin reports in his Dot Earth blog. Duke University’s Bill Chameides gave a nod to this same Socolow comment on his Green Grok blog.

Socolow is the adviser to Princeton senior Michael Konialian, who just returned from a spring break trip to Germany, Sweden and Denmark to study the implications of a new technology called oxyfuel.

"The trip gave me a big-picture view," Konialian — a mechanical and aerospace engineering major who is a Scholar in the Nation’s Servicetold the Princeton Weekly Bulletin. "I went into it thinking that technical challenges were the biggest hurdles for oxyfuel technology, and I came away realizing that the political challenges will be much, much harder to navigate.