Jeff Bezos_Kindle.jpg

 Time magazine named Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who graduated from Princeton Engineering in 1986, one of its top 100 people of 2009, putting him in the company of Tiger Woods, George Clooney,  and Michelle Obama.

The magazine enlisted Bill Gates, the chair of Microsoft, to write the tribute to Bezos:

"Lately, Jeff’s pioneering spirit has taken him in some new directions," writes Gates. "He would like nothing more than to be the first to provide a cheap and safe way for anyone to fly into space and started a company called Blue Origin to devise the technology. That’s pretty cool, but his biggest legacy of all might be more down to earth — a modest-looking white-and-silver digital device called the Kindle. This electronic book is Jeff’s brainchild and may well revolutionize not only how we acquire books and periodicals but also how bookworms like me actually read them. That would put him in the same ranks as Johannes Gutenberg."

By the way, Princeton University recently announced that beginning in the fall it (along with five other colleges) will deploy the Kindle DX among students in an effort to save paper. Find out more from Slashdot.