Students taking "Theory of Games" — a k a MAT308/ECO308 — recently enjoyed a seminar led by two legends in the field of game theory — John Nash and Harold Kuhn. Thanks to the wonders of Youtube, you too can hear first-hand from Nash and Kuhn about the origins and evolution of the field that they played a central role in introducing some 50 years ago. Nash (the subject of the movie A Beautiful Mind) and Kuhn are introduced by wavelet pioneer Ingrid Daubechies. (The audio when Nash first speaks is a little sketchy but clears up right away.)

The seminar was sponsored by Princeton’s Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics, whose director is Rob Calderbank. If you haven’t seen Calderbank’s Youtube videos created as part of the Open Source Teaching Project, be sure to check them out. In one, Calderbank talks about the connection between mathematics and CDs and in another he explains his innovative work at AT&T on signal processing and its importance to the development of high-speed modems. Fun stuff.