EE Times reports that next week Eli Harari — the co-founder, chairman and CEO of SanDisk Corp. who earned his Ph.D. in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton in 1973  — will receive the IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal.

The award, to be given at a ceremony in Los Angeles, "recognizes Harari’s innovation of flash memory technology, contribution to the proliferation of flash memory devices, and visionary leadership within the semiconductor industry."

Fortune magazine’s Jon Fortt had a fascinating interview with Harari earlier this month, which in case you missed you can find here.

The medal Harari will be receiving is named in honor of Robert Noyce, the founder of Intel Corporation and a pioneer in  the development of the integrated circuit. By the way, another Princeton Engineering alum, Isy Haas *57, recounts his historic role working with Noyce in the development of the first monolithic integrated circuit in this interview with the Computer History Museum.