This week the BBC posted a guest editorial by Princeton’s Fred Dryer, who outlines different ways the aviation industry can become more energy-efficient.

"Bio-derived fuels must be fully compatible with petroleum fuels, particularly for aircraft applications, because of the international nature of the aviation industry," writes Dryer, who is professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

In June, Dryer gave a talk on his combustion research as part of a larger workshop on energy and the environment sponsored by Princeton’s Andlinger Center. You can watch the full workshop here. Award-winning science journalist Patrick Regan of NJN-News also covered the workshop and produced another piece on combustion science at Princeton.

Regan produced those pieces just before leaving NJN to explore new frontiers in Munich, Germany. His exemplary science reporting will be sorely missed. Regan’s coverage of Princeton Engineering included pieces on new lasersriver biodiversitynanojet printing, a robotics competition, and Princeton’s Science Olympiad.