C Programming Language book covers.png

Computerworld recently profiled Princeton’s legendary Brian Kernighan, who in 1978 wrote the now-classic C Programming Language  with C’s creator, Dennis Ritchie. You can follow the slashdot conversation about the Kernighan profile here.

The book has sold millions of copies and been translated into a couple dozen languages, including Hebrew, Finnish, and Albanian. The screen grab above, from Kernighan’s website, shows the covers of different translations. 

Kernighan — who earned his doctorate from Princeton in 1969 — teaches the very popular Computers in Our World course, which The New York Times‘s Steve Lohr wrote about a few years back in a piece called "To the Liberal Arts, He Adds Computer Science". Kernighan is also a regular columnist for the Daily Princetonian and recently last year wrote an essay for an IEEE publication delineating what every educated person should know about computers

By the way, Kernighan helped inspire the name for this blog.

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