Former Princeton Engineering undergraduate and legendary entrepreneur (at the ripe age of 21) Seth Priebatsch recently gave a TED talk on his ambitions to “build a game layer on the top of the world.”

His first step in doing so is  SCVNGR, a phone-based gaming system that Priebatsch first developed at Princeton. After winning a business plan competition, he dropped out to launch a company of the same name.

SCVNGR now employs 60 people and has  received $4 million in financing from Google Ventures, according to this recent profile of Priebatsch in the New York Times.

For the profile, which undertakes the larger question of what makes an entrepreneur tick, the Times interviewed Princeton Engineering alum Paul Maeder of Highland Capital, one of Priebatsch’s investors.

To be an entrepreneur, Maeder tells David Segal, “You need to suspend disbelief to start a company, because so many people will tell you that what you’re doing can’t be done, and if it could be done, someone would have done it already.”

For more on entrepreneurial Princeton, watch this video.

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