Vorbeck ink.jpg

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal has a terrific piece on the two physicists who were just awarded the Nobel Prize for their experiments with graphene — an ultra-thin carbon that is extraordinarily strong and dense yet also flexible. Graphene is also the world’s best conductor of heat and electricity.

The Journal, noting graphene’s amazing commercial potential, mentions Vorbeck Materials, which makes a graphene-based conductive ink for printed electronics.

Vorbeck, which uses graphene technology developed at Princeton by Ilhan Aksay, was started several years ago by Princeton Engineering graduate John Lettow.

Technology Review recently wrote about Vorbeck’s ink. And PCWorld recently wrote about Vorbeck’s development of graphene-based batteries, which promise to greatly reduce the time it takes to recharge smartphones or laptops.

By the way, Aksay was just inducted into the National Academy of Engineering.