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In a wide-ranging conversation in this month’s McKinsey Quarterly, Google executive Eric Schmidt shares management strategies and holds forth on everything from the future of drug discovery to the magic of digital language translation.

Below are a few gems from Schmidt, who graduated from Princeton in 1976. You can watch the full video here (registration required).

On the ascendancy of mobile platforms: “The top technical people are building the most powerful applications on mobile first. This is a huge shift,” with big implications.

On the importance of dissent within a corporation: “If you have a meeting and you have consensus without disagreement, you have nothing.”

On the need for reform in education: “One of the most clarifying points to make about education in our country is that the education system is currently run for the benefit of the adults and not the children. The incentives, the measurement system, the governance are all organized around the people who run it,” rather than around achieving the best outcome.