MSNBC recently highlighted a paper coauthored by Princeton’s Niraj Jha and Chunxiao Li and  Anand Raghunathan of Purdue University titled “Hijacking an insulin pump: Security attacks and defenses for a diabetes therapy system.”

The paper, presented at IEEE Healthcom’11 on June 14, demonstrates how malicious attacks can be launched against an insulin pump — and how such attacks can be defended against.

The researchers, MSNBC reports, demonstrated that “an insulin system, consisting of a wireless insulin pump in combination with a glucose monitor — worn by hundreds of thousands of diabetics in the US — is vulnerable to hack attacks. Using off-the-shelf hardware, the user manual and publicly available information, the scientists tapped into information on the system — like insulin dosage and glucose readings. With the PIN access code of the device, they showed that they could also wirelessly control the dosage of insulin.”

Read the full MSNBC report here.