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Wired magazine and others are reporting on the monumental-scale 10,000-year clock that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is building inside a mountain in west Texas.

For Bezos, Wired reports, “the clock is not just the ultimateprestige timepiece. It’s a symbol of the power of long-term thinking. His hope is that building it will change the way humanity thinks about time, encouraging our distant descendants to take a longer view than we have.”

Bezos is reportedly spending $42 million on the clock project, which is the brainchild of American inventor Danny Hillis, who first conceived of the idea in 1989.

“Over the lifetime of this clock, the United States won’t exist,” Bezos tells Wired. “Whole civilizations will rise and fall. New systems of government will be invented. You can’t imagine the world — no one can — that we’re trying to get this clock to pass through.”

Bezos, who graduated from Princeton in 1986 with a degree in electrical engineering, has launched a website to publicize the clock. You can also learn more from PC Magazine, GeekWire, RedOrbit and the Technium.

Image above of 10,000 year clock chime generator, courtesy Applied Minds