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The United Arab Emirates-based newspaper The National has a terrific video of Princeton Engineering’s Rebecca Fiebrink talking about the application of computer science to creating and composing, and performing music.

Two things really excite Fiebrink about the future of computer-generated music:

“The first is the ability to actually control sound expressively and to use the computer in a sensitive, expressive, and even expert way in performance,” she says.

The other thing that really excites her about computer music: “The opportunity to expand music-making to people who haven’t previously had access to, say, playing in an orchestra,” says Fiebrink. “I think that one of the neat things about electornic instruments is that they can be tailored to particular users, to particular even compositions, to places — and allow people to express themselves without necessarily being professional musicians.”

By the way, Fiebrink, who was recently appointed an assistant professor at Princeton, earned her Ph.D. in computer science from Princeton earlier this year. Her thesis adviser was Perry Cook.

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