Electrical engineering graduate student Yihong Wu has been selected a 2011 Marconi Young Scholar for his work maximizing compressed sensing by minimizing noise and waste in transmissions.

In selecting scholars, the Marconi Society “looks for those who not only have shown extraordinary early promise, but whose research already has been published and made an impact.”

Wu’s research is best described as interdisciplinary, according to the Marconi Society. “With its center of gravity in information theory, it entwines strands from signal processing, statistics, optimization and stochastic control,” the society said in it’s announcement of the award. “It’s intended to further the practical goal of improving the efficiency of signal acquisition and processing via compressed sensing.”

Wu’s adviser is Sergiu Verdú.

The Marconi Society was established through an endowment set up by Gioia Marconi Braga, daughter of Guglielmo Marconi, the Nobel laureate who invented radio (wireless telegraphy).This is just the latest honor for Wu, who also has been awarded Princeton’s Wallace Memorial honorific fellowship, the highest award in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.