SwoopTEXT,  a student communication platform invented by two 2011 Princeton graduates that enables instant and targeted group communication via text message, is getting a lot of play in the media of late.

The platform was Invented by Michael Perl, who majored in chemistry, and Michael Keaton, who majored in chemical and biological engineering. Princeton’s Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students started using SwoopTEXT last spring to broadcast live updates on graduation events.

“Within six days of releasing the platform, half the senior class opted in to receive text messages,” Keaton told the Daily Princetonian. “After graduation, we surveyed the students who had used the platform, and 95 percent of them indicated they would like to use SwoopTEXT to organize their campus groups and events.”

The Prince reports that the “the technology allows users to create and collect RSVPs for public and private events, promote events to followers and use a calendar aggregated from individual group subscriptions.” The calendar can sync up to iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook.

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Above see a video about entrepreneurial Princeton — it features the legendary Ed Zschau, whose high-tech entrepreneurship class Swooptext’s Keaton took when he was an undergraduate. SwoopTEXT won second place at the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club’s 2011 TigerLaunch competition.