David HalePrinceton Engineer David Hale ’11 pitched his first major league game on Friday, for the Atlanta Braves. First batter up? Princeton alum Will Venable ’06. Hale struck out the Padres hitter and proceeded to pitch 5 scoreless innings. That same night Princeton Engineer Ross Ohlendorf ’05 pitched five winning innings for the Washington Nationals.

Both Hale and Ohlendorf majored in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. Venable’s major? (cough) Anthropology.

Prof. Alain Kornhauser *71 can’t resist crowing: “Think of this: one night, two ORFEs pitching in the Bigs each pitching 5 innings, giving up a total of 1 run. That is a combined 0.90 ERA for ORFE majors” in one night!