EQN  is a blog from Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science that highlights faculty, students and alumni who, through innovation and leadership, are changing the world.

Why is this blog called EQN? For starters, the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton has long produced an alumni magazine called EQuad News, so EQN seems a natural jump.

But the letters EQN have further significance to us. EQN, or rather eqn, is a computer program co-created by Brian Kernighan, a legendary computer scientist and revered Princeton professor. The eqn program allows one to express mathematics in print in the same way that one might speak it. EQN, the blog, is trying to do something similar: express complicated but important ideas in an accessible way.

The EQuad at Princeton refers not just to a beautiful courtyard, but also to the labyrinthine Qshaped collection of buildings that is home to Princeton’s engineering school. The EQuad’s circuitous hallways are notoriously hard to navigate. But they have served to incubate generations of talented innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and leaders. Please come back often to explore EQN’s virtual corridors. I think you will find that they are as filled with surprising discoveries and unique visions as the EQuad itself.

All the best,

Vince Poor

H. Vincent Poor
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Princeton University